Midwest Woman-to-Woman Seminar


Sharing our Experience, Strength

and Hope without Fear in Unity


Statement of Purpose
The Midwest Woman-to-Woman Seminar is a self selected group of AA women who enhance their sobriety by sharing their experience, strength and hope without fear in unity.

The Midwest Woman-to-Woman Seminar is a weekend of workshops by and for sober AA women.  All workshops are closed and anonymity is observed.  Anonymity will also be observed on this website.   

Why we must pay to attend:

Conferences and conventions are special events, not regular meetings.  They require months of planning and expense and there is a charge for use of facilities to hold the events.  The seminar is self-supporting.  No group monies are used, no baskets are passed.  The cost of the seminar is paid through the registration fees.  The goal of WTW is to break even.

How It Works are the guidelines the Woman-to-Woman Executive Committee has developed to provide helpful information as a starting point when considering presenting a bid to host the Woman-to-Woman Seminar in your city. 

The 2016 Seminar will be held in 
 St. Louis, Missouri

33rd Annual Midwest Woman to Woman

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